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Icebergs, Whales & Adventure

Twillingate, located on Iceberg Alley, is Newfoundland and Labrador's ultimate outport experience and adventure. An ocean playground with icebergs, whales, rugged coastline and unique island culture...

Twillingate, one of Newfoundland's most popular destinations on Canada's north east cost, is famous for delivering extraordinary ocean experiences.  

Lots to See and Do

Visit our fishing community and enjoy a boat tourcoastal hiking, fresh seafood, rich local entertainment and discover the history of this once bustling merchant town.

A Time in Twillingate

Come and have a "Time in Twillingate"!  The Newfoundland phrase 'a time'  refers to a 'celebration, a get-together a party - or we refer to it as a 'mighty good time'.  Twillingate offers lots of ways you too can have "a time".
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Upcoming Events

06 Jul 2015 5:30 PM • John Hamlyn Community Centre, Crow Head
06 Jul 2015 8:30 PM • Captain's Pub, Anchor Inn Hotel & Suites
  • 18 Jun 2015 9:00 AM | Anonymous

    The Split Peas of Twillingate

    Have you met Twillingate's legendary Split Peas yet? 

    "Take a church organist, a singer/songwriter, a couple of accordion players and some simply sweet voices... throw them together on a stage in Twillingate... and you have The Split Peas", is how CBC documentary on Land and Sea describes this group

    Consisting of Ada Piercey Jenkins, Kim Osmond, Donna Watkins, Marg Adey, Margaret Manuel, Eleanor Manuel and Gerry Poirier, this group is performing at Touton House at the Orange Lodge in their 22nd year of making music together. See them every Tuesday and Thursday.

    Family Fun

    It is an evening of Newfoundland music with many original compositions by talented group member, Ada Piercey Jenkins. (Ada has her own show on Wednesday nights in the same venue, known as the Backroom Sessions).  Expect a few stories and yes... even mummers!

    An Accomplished Group

    The Split Peas of Twillingate has a long and successful history:

    They have performed on CBC, at events and folk festivals all over Canada, have been featured on CBC's program "Land and Sea", on CBC radio , and  their version of "I'se the Bye" was used in the Hollywood movie "The Shipping News".

    The Secret Sauce

    "What is the "secret sauce" for a group like this - playing together for so long and obviously enjoying it?" we asked group leader Gerry Poirier.

    Her answer: "We respect each other's talent and abilities. The other is the love of the music and trying to share the fun and the experience with our audiences. We want everyone to have as much fun as we do.  Most of us have belonged to choirs and learned the necessity of supporting each other as a team; it is not about one person, it is about the music. We are all friends and we enjoy each other's company."


    The group will also be performing this summer during the Fish Fun and Folk Festival - at the Stadium on Friday afternoon and at Northeast Church Museum Saturday morning  during  the Fish Fun and Folk Festival.

    The Split Peas have produced 3 CDs that are also available at their shows. For tickets or CDs, email Margaret Manuel or call (709)884-2282

  • 27 May 2015 4:14 PM | Anonymous

    Twillingate is the summer entertainment capital of Central Newfoundland.

    Two summer shows start this Friday 29 May 2015.  

    How to Be a Newfoundlander

    FIrst is the hilarious How to be a Newfoundlander by Beyond the Overpass Theatre that is in its second season at Captain's Pub at the Anchor Inn Hotel.

    Everything you need to know to become a true Newfoundlander! A fast-paced and comedic instructional course that gives you a taste of our music, history, geography, language arts, and we'll ever throw in our official Newfoundland Spelling Bee. 

    A fun interactive way to discover Newfoundland and Labrador.

    Twillingate New World Island Dinner Theatre

    A staple in our local entertainment program, the dinner theatre starts on 29 May to perform a fun show and serve a delicious meal six nights a week. (Closed Sunday nights)

    The dinner theatre is in the John Hamlyn Community Centre in Crow Head. 

    Formerly known as the All Around the Circle Dinner Theatre, this group has thrilled audiences with their talent and unique take on Newfoundland culture.

    Starting June 5:

    Iceberg for Sale

    Newfoundland & Labrador’s funniest and most dysfunctional family are up to their old tricks.  This time the Gills head to Twillingate to sell ice bergs to tourists.  

    After obtaining the rights to the bergs, through questionable means, Dini and Martha decide to share their new found wealth with a host of interesting characters from around the world.  Iceberg for Sale is a brand new comedy by Beyond the Overpass Theatre. Performances in Captain's Pub at the Anchor Inn Hotel.

    Coming up in our next blog: The Split Peas of Twillingate and Ada Piercey Jenkins and the Back Room Sessions

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