"How to be a Newfoundlander" by Doctor Samuel R Elliott

  • 16 Sep 2014
  • 8:30 PM
  • Captain's Pub, Anchor Inn Hotel, 3 Path End, Twillingate

A comedic and oddly insightful educational experience for all those CFA’s (Come From Aways) and our native sons and daughters who have a passion for this place we call home. 

Let Doctor Sam and his eager troupe of "educational assistants" guide you through the ABC’s of being a Newfoundlander.  

History, Music, Language and all subjects related to “The Rock” provide the audience with a unique, interactive opportunity to learn as they laugh the night away.  

After completing the “course,” CFA’s are challenged to put what they’ve learned to the test by endeavouring to conquer the Screech-in offered by the Captain at the Anchor Inn... the only test that ends with a kiss from a true, native Newfoundlander.

A unique and authentically Newfoundland production by Beyond the Overpass Theatre for a first complete season in Twillingate.

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