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Twillingate, located on Iceberg Alley, is Newfoundland and Labrador's ultimate outport experience and adventure. An ocean playground with icebergs, whales, rugged coastline and unique island culture - the island connected to Newfoundland by bridges and causeways at the end of Route 340.
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Photo credit: Jim Hildebrand

Historic Twillingate, one of Newfoundland's most popular destinations on Canada's north east coast, is famous for delivering extraordinary ocean experiences.  

Visit our fishing community and enjoy a boat tour, kayaking, coastal hiking, fresh seafood, rich local entertainment, and unique shopping. Discover the history of this once bustling merchant town.

A Time in Twillingate

Come and have a "Time in Twillingate"!  The Newfoundland phrase 'a time' refers to a 'celebration, a get-together a party - or we refer to it as a 'mighty good time'.  Twillingate offers lots of ways you too can have "a time".

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  • Twillingate's Tickle Bridge with a view of New World Island in the distance.
  • Twillingate's newly built Coastguard Station.
  • Twillingate Harbour. Fishing boats in the harbour remind of island's roots in the fishery, still a major contributor to the island's economy today.
  • Tickle View. A bright red artists studio overlooks the narrow tickle of water that separates Twillingate's north and south islands.
  • Twillingate's Rock Cut hiking trail system consists of many scenic hiking trails along the coast of the island, rated from easy to slightly more strenuous.
  • Sleepy Cove with its famous root cellar.
  • Scenic Durrell on Twillingate's South Island.
  • Twillingate is right on Iceberg Alley and here is an iceberg captured from one of Twillingate's boat tours.
  • Weather-worn boat, a popular subject for photographers in Back Harbour, Twillingate.
  • Standing on the edge of an island.
  • Part of the famous Peterman Iceberg that appeared around the coast of Twillingate in 2012.
  • Berry picking time! The slopes in Twillingate are covered in blueberries and partridgeberries from late summer onwards.
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